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Several suggestions (Clavical change, new spells, etc)
Righ now Clavical scries for whatever mob/boss we ...
Terracota018008.09.19 13:23:22
by Terracota
Just some small things
So, there's been some mild annoyances since I've g...
Vierace424017.05.19 10:42:15
by Zeal
Would you consider upgrading to the client with or...
Ickythumpz023809.04.19 21:44:54
by Ickythumpz
Is there any way that attacking people in a party ...
Ickythumpz122408.04.19 12:01:25
by Zeal
Some more Suggestions
Hello! This post is to talk some of the suggestion...
Redux333914.08.18 15:12:23
by Zeal
Would it be possible?
hello first of all I want to congratulate you for ...
Vitaz136307.05.18 12:54:22
by Destruction
About frags and botting
Hello, as the title says I have a suggestion to de...
Fozzie030830.04.18 20:11:37
by Fozzie
I was wondering if there's an alternate way beside...
Vierace438329.11.17 21:06:51
by Vierace
Remove Market Expiration Date
The Market (you know, the one in the depot that's ...
Vierace032323.11.17 21:46:11
by Vierace
2 x Exp 4 Thanksgiving?
I'm not American and don't follow the tradition bu...
Destruction233813.11.17 16:16:40
by Zeal
What would get you to play Zeal again?
This is more of a brainstorm thread than a full su...
Hadarama846113.11.17 12:04:37
by Megan Fox
Turn these into stronger potions?
My proposal is to make the three potions below int...
Destruction131006.11.17 19:22:32
by Zeal
Unused items?
Items that could be made into custom items? Tunic...
Destruction033629.10.17 06:34:55
by Destruction
Elizabeth Hope035228.10.17 11:54:00
by Elizabeth Hope
Halloween monsters
Create far more powerful forms of Zombies, Skeleto...
Destruction032227.10.17 11:50:39
by Destruction
Hello Zeal, I’m suggesting allowing a player wh...
Destruction033426.10.17 19:56:22
by Destruction
Dirty Fur
This is going to seem like an odd request, but bea...
Hadarama133622.10.17 14:02:58
by Zeal
Casks for POH
Simply, beer/wine/etc casks for player owned homes...
Hadarama430217.10.17 22:09:07
by Destruction
Known Bugs Sticky
Rather self-explanatory, but this suggestion is si...
Hadarama030715.10.17 21:28:30
by Hadarama
Less Annoying Boat
I had a, hopefully simple, suggestion. I find it r...
Hadarama131008.10.17 19:36:10
by Xhorn'quin

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