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bug Ankrahmun i standing near it there is no exit ...
Plexas017629.08.19 12:25:44
by Plexas
A few things I've found
In the past couple days, I've found a couple littl...
Vierace223118.05.19 19:39:20
by Zeal
bug in Dreamer's Challenge Quest.
Astric and I finished the quest of the dream and d...
Vitas529222.10.18 08:24:47
by Zeal
I want to report a bug that is in the yalahar ques...
Vitas428424.09.18 09:33:30
by Zeal
We did all the warzone tasks 1440 task points, we ...
Redux328026.08.18 19:59:52
by Vitas
Beggar Outfits Quest
I was trying to do the whole outfit and addons via...
Redux733525.08.18 22:47:38
by Zeal
exori gran con issue
i dontknow if is wrng or not at this version but t...
Dark'shotter130024.07.18 07:42:18
by Zeal
hey zeal, day 6 isnt working for me the one wit...
Psycho Odoyle335827.05.18 12:45:27
by Zeal
Nargor Quest
I found that you can't finish Meriana Quest since ...
Redux135625.05.18 14:23:29
by Zeal
Children of the Revolution bug
While attempting mission two of the Children of th...
Wabbajack332222.05.18 15:45:26
by Wabbajack
bug in the djin quest
hello I want to report a bug ..... with my paladin...
Vitaz125915.05.18 07:40:08
by Zeal
Explorer Society Quest
I want to report a bug in the Explorer's society q...
Redux933408.05.18 07:28:14
by Zeal
I just bought a house and the upstairs have 2 room...
Master Druid133915.02.18 14:40:11
by Zeal
Ring of Ending
So, I've acquired a broken ring of ending and spen...
Wabbajack233112.02.18 08:23:32
by Zeal
In Service of Yalahar Quest
I think there's a typo bug in Service of Yalahar q...
Redux146603.01.18 06:10:59
by Zeal
Izzzzz ah bug
When attempting to skin a Lizard Legionnaire with ...
Wabbajack131701.01.18 18:02:17
by Zeal
Gingerbread recipe doesn't work.
After the horrors of farming gingerbreads for the ...
Vierace132314.12.17 09:08:26
by Zeal
More Minor Bugs
Here's some list of minor bugs I've found lately: ...
Hadarama733024.11.17 22:32:29
by Vierace
last knight i die becacuse i had a emergency in my...
Dark'shotter028327.10.17 11:37:34
by Dark'shotter
problems with Grizzly adams
Im hunter trophy and i cant sell dragon lord troph...
Dark'shotter036926.10.17 20:44:14
by Dark'shotter

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