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edron hero cave
more heros in the cave of edron...
Plexas021629.08.19 13:42:56
by Plexas
Discord Server
So I was thinking, how about creating a discord se...
Doctor Doom032303.04.19 03:39:11
by Doctor Doom
Announcing the wiki
I would just like to let everyone know, me and Des...
Vierace252926.08.18 21:15:28
by Destruction
doubt of WOTE
doubt of WOTE hello I have a question, we finis...
Vitas135710.07.18 19:16:58
by Zeal
Nightmare Knights
Hi I need some help I just used the command !addon...
Redux134728.05.18 22:24:53
by Zeal
Newly Wed Ouftit
How can I get the newly wed outfit box, I want to ...
Redux132308.05.18 07:25:56
by Zeal
Custom drops
Hi guys, I'd like help assembling the biggest list...
Destruction12195505.05.18 06:53:03
by Destruction
Many Subjects
The main reason to create this is to inform some p...
Redux335828.03.18 07:36:18
by Zeal
Is there any way I can talk to zeal pls
Zeal pls contact me....
Master Druid135812.02.18 13:55:04
by Zeal
Does anybody know (Tomes of Knowledge)
Does anybody knows how to get the 2 tomes of knowl...
Redux237309.01.18 17:34:52
by Redux
When trying to buy a house it says You do not have...
Redux138425.12.17 07:31:17
by Zeal
About Explorer's Society Quest
I was doing Explorer's Society quest but I can't g...
Redux137321.12.17 07:58:59
by Zeal
Congratulations bro! I am sure that you will do...
Skittle138219.12.17 21:01:27
by Destruction
Ruprecht Items
Just for everyone's convenience, I thought I'd lis...
Vierace038412.12.17 21:55:13
by Vierace
Potion feedback
Zeal said he wanted feedback on the potion buffs d...
Vierace133530.11.17 07:15:01
by Destruction
Protector spell
So, after fighting through a few bosses tonight I ...
Vierace145128.11.17 11:36:29
by Destruction
I think you should try and upgrade the server to 10.99
It's just my personal opinion... The new potions a...
Sledge750621.11.17 22:34:59
by Destruction
Not Impressed...
16.11.2017, 23:24:32 Destruction at level 916 by F...
Destruction542717.11.17 11:44:03
by Destruction
Do the following have custom drops?
If they do... What? lol Ghastly Dragon Serpent...
Destruction135115.11.17 18:50:10
by Zeal
Zaoan Chest Box
Is there any way to loot this? You see a Zaoan ch...
Destruction232603.11.17 10:18:09
by Destruction

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