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Buying information
The title might sound like something shady, but re...
Vierace027809.05.19 22:51:33
by Vierace
Offer for these
I'm selling the following items... 10:31 You se...
Destruction032501.09.18 21:33:44
by Destruction
Buying creature products
Hayo!! If any newer players are looking for a w...
Wabbajack029122.05.18 15:37:39
by Wabbajack
Buying Low Level Gear
I've been amassing a stash of gear to give new pla...
Vierace135924.11.17 13:10:02
by Dark'shotter
who sell or exchange Eq for knights better than wh...
Bellatrix132531.10.17 23:52:11
by Dark'shotter
Looking For Rice Balls
I'm looking for rice balls if anyone has access to...
Vierace135431.10.17 16:23:46
by Dark'shotter
Depth Lorica Prismatic Legs Will negotiate a p...
Kalgorigan033830.10.17 12:27:27
by Kalgorigan
Trading Post
Hello guys, Welcome to my store! I'm selling...
Destruction154609.04.17 02:13:14
by Destruction
Hive Bow
Anybody have one for sale/trade? The bugs won't dr...
The Chuckening236730.03.17 00:10:56
by Dark'shotter
Selling 2000 Demonic Essence, enough for the full ...
Keshy134321.02.17 17:10:51
by Keshy
Shiny blade
Someone that trade your Shiny blade or the epiphan...
Zekrhom036929.12.16 17:02:21
by Zekrhom
Auction House
For lower level players, I have listed a large num...
Doctor Doom040517.09.16 16:02:47
by Doctor Doom
Demonic Essences
Looking to buy up all demonic essences, 1500 gold ...
Doctor Doom046513.09.16 22:18:55
by Doctor Doom
WTB> The epiphany/shiny blade
WTB The epiphany or shiny blade offer me a reasona...
Prewesh033121.10.15 16:11:54
by Prewesh
Solar Axe
where can i get hold of a solar axe (which cre...
Mukarten134725.09.15 12:23:04
by Skittle
addon items
wanna buy: bear paw x30 500gp each turtle shell...
White Paw036919.09.15 08:35:44
by White Paw
Banana Staff
I need to buy 3 Banana Staff's to get addon. i try...
Sexi Biscuit036113.09.15 06:50:04
by Sexi Biscuit
want to catch some mount so if someone have items ...
Mojrez032130.08.15 09:45:08
by Mojrez
tomes of knowledge
buying all tomes of knowledge...
Mukarten033725.08.15 04:21:33
by Mukarten
Looking for items
im looking for anyone who is selling mpa willing t...
Mukarten031721.08.15 15:16:44
by Mukarten

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