How to Play08.07.15 13:08:58
1. Create an account on this site by clicking the "Join Tibia" button to the right. Make sure the account name is less than 8 characters (longer account names seem to not work sometimes).

2. Login on the website and create a character on the My Account page.

3. Download and extract the Zeal Online client*. It's a slight modification of the Tibia 10.41 client, with the IP configuration already made:

4. Extract the contents into a folder, and run "Zeal Online.exe". Login using the username and password you made here and play!

*Alternately, if you are familiar enough with OpenTibia, you can use the IP Changer with a Tibia 10.41 client to connect to

Newest Changes! (August 24th, 2019)

- Due to an exploit allowing players less than Level 100 to own a house via transfer, you can now use !buyhouse to buy a house from a player under Level 100, even if that player logged in at some point in the last 30 days. For this reason, if you have a house you don't want to lose currently owned by a character not at Level 100, you should transfer that house to a player at least Level 100 immediately.

In-game Commands

Type the following commands in the chat window.
!report bug description - Report an in-game bug to the Zeal Online staff. Please be as detailed as possible with the description, and be standing near where the bug occurred.
!buyhouse - Will buy a house that you are facing if you have the gold in your inventory. You must be Level 100 to buy a house. The house must either be unowned, or the owner must be inactive (has not logged in for a month). If unowned, you can see how much a house costs by "looking" at the door. If the house is owned and the owner is inactive, you can buy their house using this command for the normal price. The cost is added to the former owner's balance, and all items in the house are sent to the former owner's depot inbox.
!leavehouse - Will cause you to leave your current house, allowing you to purchase a different one. You will not be refunded.
!sellhouse player name - Allows you to sell your house deed to another player using the ingame safe trade system.
!changesex - Changes your character's sex.
!addon "outfit - Use this command without the parameter to see all outfits that can be purchased. This command will buy the outfit if all required items are in your inventory. If not, it will tell you the required items.
!mount "mount - Use this command without the parameter to see all mounts that can be purchased. This command will buy the mount if all required items are in your inventory. If not, it will tell you the required items.
!blessing - Automatically buys all blessings for 150,000 gold.
!exp - Lists how much experience you need for next level.
!mana - Lists how much mana you have to spend for next magic level.
!kills - Gives you a list of all of your unjustified kills.
!deathlist "player - Gives you the death list of a player.
!online - Lists all online players.
!uptime - Displays the amount of time passed since last server reboot. Usually this is the time since the last daily server save.

Need Help?

Basic controls:
Move your character using the arrow clicks or by left-clicking where you want to go. Right click on an object to see what one can do to this object. CTRL+click is a shortcut to use the object, ATL+click is a shortcut to attack, and SHIFT+click is a shortcut to look at it.

Tibia wiki:

If you have any other questions regarding gameplay, message Zeal, Gafgarion, or Doctor Doom ingame.

If you need to get in contact with the server owner for any reason, you can email me at
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Differences between Zeal Online and Tibia16.05.15 14:54:30
The basic idea of Zeal Online has always been to provide Tibia in its entirety for free. However, we have felt over time that some things in Tibia can be improved and made better. While we feel that questing and the world of Tibia should be preserved, we have also made several additions and improvements. We will not however make major changes that violate the "spirit" of Tibia. This list will contain most of the differences you will experience on Zeal Online. I am sure I'm missing a few, I will update this list as they come to me.

- Increased EXP, skill, magic, and loot rates compared to normal Tibia. See "Server Info" page for exact rates.
- Slightly faster regen rates when eating compared to normal Tibia.
- Fishing doesn't require worms on Zeal Online, but the chances of catching fish are far increased with worms.
- Zeal Online is 100% free, and will stay that way. Players do not need to purchase a Premium Account to have access to all areas and features. Furthermore, we will never introduce any in-game advantage for donating money.
- Ability to start with a Level 8 character with one of the four vocations, as opposed to starting at Level 1 with no vocation.
- Several actions have been simplified using in-game commands. Type !commands in-game or see the front page on the site for a complete list.
- Zeal Online uses and is based on the 10.41 version of Tibia. Any content added after this update will not be included on Zeal Online (for now, at least).

- All items are obtainable on this server, usually as extremely rare drops from certain monsters. For example, dragon scale helmet, an item that does not drop in normal Tibia, is a very rare drop from dragon lords on Zeal Online.
- All health and mana potions restore slightly more health/mana than in normal Tibia. Mana and spirit potions are buffed slightly more than health potions, to compensate for the fact that Ultimate Mana and Ultimate Spirit potions don't exist in 10.41.
- Greatly reduced the break chance of distance weapons. Also, ammunition and ice rapier now use a break chance instead of always being expended (for example, an arrow only has a 50% chance of being lost on Zeal Online).
- Obsidian Knife and Blessed Wooden Stake success chance has been increased.
- Some monsters have had their loot table adjusted, adding some items.
- Made some minor balancing changes to some items, making them either slightly better or slightly worse (some of these were not equipment at all): ferumbras' hat, zaoan helmet, winged helmet, post officer's hat, necromancer shield, brotherhood shield, furious frock, crocodile boots, sandals, bunnyslippers, vampire slippers, wand of dimensions, rainbow shield, fiery rainbow shield, sparking rainbow shield, wolf tooth chain, magician hat, mystic turban, broken ring of ending, ring of ending, the holy Tible, star ring, bandana, crystal wand, santa hat, silkweaver bow, helmet of the ancients, and the pirate boss items.
- Added some custom equipment to the game: gatekeeper shield, glyph shield, hat of time, arcane pendant, dark lord's brooch, jade amulet, amulet of the sand prince, floral brooch, frozen weight stone, champion's medallion, friendship necklace, spellbook of impending doom, golden spellscroll, spellbook of flowing mana, save the queen, master fisherman's amulet, orc's jaw shredder, medusa helmet, frozen heart shield, dragon eye amulet, Chayenne's magical necklace.
- Converted some rare existing items into "trinkets", a new equipment type. They have relatively minor effects and are worn in the arrow slot: orshabaal's brain, terrifying heart, soul stone, dragon claw, roc feather, rabbit's foot.
- Increased the elemental damage of enchanted weapons.
- Increased the duration of soft boots, rainbow shield, firewalker boots.
- Can easily convert currency at any time. Simply use a stack of 100 coins to get 1 coin of the next tier (gold into platinum into crystal). You can also use one coin to get 100 coins of the lower tier.

- Added an NPC named Helga who has been added to Venore docks who buys all Rashid, djinn, Esrik, and Gnomission items with no quest required, but at half price.
- Added an NPC named Clavical at the top of the northwest tower in Edron Academy who can scry for monsters, seeing if they spawned during the current day (like Orshabaal, for example). Clavical can also perform a soulcharge for players, trading 1000 gold for 5 soul points.
- Added an NPC named Slavatorai Romanomanov north of Thais, who buys and sells various corpses (you should probably not look into why for your own sanity) and is involved in other salrious things.
- Added an NPC named Bobbert who can be found after ferrying to Roshamuul. For a fee of 50,000 gold, he can take you directly to the Roshamuul settlement safely. Please note, however, that he cannot help you for the return trip! He can also recharge stamina for you for a fee of 100,000 gold (more if you use his service a lot!).
- The NPC Yasir has been changed so that he appears more often. His chance to appear is 75% (at one of the three docks he can appear at), with a mere 25% chance he is currently at sea.
- Captain Bluebear has worked out a deal with Ferryman Kamil so that people can be ferried from Thais to Fibula (and back again) for 500 gold per trip.

Monsters & Raids
- Added a few custom monsters: Gnome, Cavalier, Swindlehand Sal, Poodle, Donkey, Cave Draptor.
- Added a few new raids, including some boss monsters: Zoralurk, Flare Knight Rikks, Flare Rival Vikks, Evil Slavatorai Romanomanov, Boneka, Bulma Bonecrusher, Alakanizzle, Xurkimuh, Death.
- Bonelords have been renamed to Beholders, as they were originally in Tibia. Elder Beholders become Beholder Bonelords.
- Forest Furys have been renamed to Centaurs, and Plaguesmiths have been renamed to Ogres. There is no real reason for this change, except I think the new names are better.
- Slightly edited a few monsters for balance reasons.
- Added some holy attacks to certain creatures. In real Tibia, only one monster used this damage type, making resistance or weakness to it pointless in PvE.

- You do not need to purchase spells in Zeal Online; all players receive all spells for their vocation by default.
You still need to meet the spell's level requirement in order to cast it, however.
- Added three new mana regen spells: orami, orami gran, and orami mas sio. The latter two are sorcerer exclusive spells, to help differentiate the calss from the druid. These spells give mana regen, similar to utura. To help make this spell not too abuseable, orami uses 1 soul point, while orami gran and orami mas sio uses 2 soul points.
- Added two new spells to mage classes: adori blank, and adori mas blank. The former creates one blank rune at the cost of some mana and a soul point, the latter creates 10.
- Added the exevo lux spell to knights of Level 10 or higher. It creates a torch for mana and soul. There is no real point to this other than for a knight to use his soul points.

Quests & Outfits
- Access to the warzones can be bought from Gnomission for 3 million gold, provided the base Bigfoot Burden quest is complete and the player has achieved the rank of Gnome Little Helper.
- Some quests that were not implemented or not working have been slightly changed. This includes Royal Rescue and the Blood Brothers quest.
- Added two new outfits, the gnome outfit and the monster outfit (which contains the NPC dwarf and elf). You can get these outfits by quest or by buying them with !addon.
- Most world changes are not functional here. For that reason, the Hive and the Deepling area are in a permanent Stage 3 (and Roshamuul is completely accessible). Boss monsters, like Jaul and Gaz'haragoth, are raids.
- Demon Oak does not require the 6666 demon task to be completed first. However, the difficulty of the quest has been greatly increased.
- Removed the requirement of needing at least four players for the Children of the Revolution quest. This should allow access to all areas of Zao to be done solo. The difficulty of the quest remains unchanged, though, so completing in solo may be significantly difficult.

- Rent is not required for houses, but a player may purchase a house from an inactive player who has not logged in for a month or greater.
- Guild halls count as regular houses here and can be bought by any player.
- Only players who are Level 100 or higher may buy a house.
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Change History02.02.15 10:55:16
August 24th, 2019

- Due to an exploit allowing players less than Level 100 to own a house via transfer, you can now use !buyhouse to buy a house from a player under Level 100, even if that player logged in at some point in the last 30 days. For this reason, if you have a house you don't want to lose currently owned by a character not at Level 100, you should transfer that house to a player at least Level 100 immediately.

May 24th, 2019

- Captain Bluebear can now ferry people to Fibula. A return trip to Thais can be purchased from Ferryman Kamil. Both directions cost 500 gold each.

- Fishing no longer requires worms. However, the odds of catching fish are much better with worms than without.

April 30th, 2019

- Added a new custom spellbook, the spellbook of flowing mana and a new custom trinket, the rabbit's foot, to the game.

- Added a new NPC to the game, Bobbert. He has two functions: first, he can instantly take you to Roshamuul's settlement for a fee of 50,000 gold. Secondly, he will help you perform his secret stamina-restoring workout regiment for 100,000 gold. This feature cannot restore your Stamina above 40 hours, however. Look for him after ferrying to the Roshamuul continent.

August 24th, 2018

- Added a new custom trinket, the previously unobtainable roc feather, to the game.

March 22nd, 2018

- Due to low server population, the Children of the Revolution quest was modified so that it could be done by a single person (or a party less than four). The difficulty remains unchanged, but it should allow adventurers not able to put together a party of four to access the northern portions of Zao, at risk of great peril. Please report a bug if anyone is having issues with it, thanks.

December 19th, 2017

- Destruction has stepped down as GM and chosen to become a normal player again, due to personal reasons. We respect his decision and look forward to his community contributions.

December 14th, 2017

- I'm proud to announce that Zeal Online has appointed its first GM, Destruction who I'm sure all players on the server know by now as the first player to reach Level 1000. He will be involved in helping new players, create in-game events, and handle reports. He will report directly to me, and any incidents or concerns should be reported directly to me. Congratulations, Destruction, and we expect great things!

November 22nd, 2017

- As an early Thanksgiving present, all potions have been buffed slightly in their health/mana gains. This change is a test, feedback will be expected following the Double EXP event. A determination of whether to make this change permanent will be made shortly afterwards.

October 17th, 2017

- The spell orami can now be used by Druids. However, orami gran and orami mas sio are still sorcerer exclusives.

August 29th, 2017

- Two rare items have been changed to have new and potentially useful effects. However, a way to combine them has also been discovered by an NPC to create a much more powerful relic...

- A few other tweaks/additions to Zeal Online exclusive & edited items.

- The NPC Yasir has been changed so that he appears more often. His chance to appear is 75%, with a mere 25% chance he is currently at sea.

February 28th, 2017

- The new world boss is here, Xurkimuh, a demon matriarch infuriated at the death of her three children! She will become appearing as a normal raid starting March 1st. The first time she is defeated, there will be guaranteed four new end-game items that drop! Xurkimuh is the only source of these new items until she is defeated for the first time. After that, each of these items will be added as very rare loot to another creature as well, and the chance Xurkimuh will drop them will be reduced (but will still be fairly common!). Good luck to all the brave heroes who will try to slay her...

February 21st, 2017

- A player group has cleared the Triangle of Terror Challenge, defeating each of these demonic beasts in a single night! As such, a new era has began in Zeal Online... for the following week, up until the end of the month, Zeal Online will observe double experience for all players! However, at the end of this week, a new challenger, with new riches, will appear...

- The following items have been made into equipment (some of which equip on the ammo slot) and given effects: terrifying heart, orshabaal's brain, soul stone, Ron the Ripper's Sabre, Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch, Lethal Lissy's Shirt, and Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat.

- The requirements for cave explorer outfit has been changed, due to the increased use of the above boss items. It now requires 25 silver raid tokens, and 10 golden raid tokens.

- The NPC Clavical now has the ability to soulcharge your character. You can trade 1000 gold for 5 soul points from him.

December 25th, 2016

- Santa Claus will now automatically make his appearance in Zeal Online during the entire month of December. Look for him in the major Tibian cities! He hops from city to city each day, when he will visit your city is a mystery! If you encounter him, you may ask him for your present... but don't get greedy! You only get one present every year, and only if you haven't been naughty!

October 17th, 2016

- Made a change to the Recharge (orami) spells, making them require a small amount of soul. This is to avoid their abuse in AFK training. The normal orami spell now costs one soul, and orami gran and orami mas res now cost two.

August 26th, 2016

- To make it easier to start playing Zeal Online for those who are not familiar with other OpenTibia servers, we created a simple custom client that is already set up to point to our server. No other changes to the client was made, and you may still play by using the IP Changer method with the official 10.41 client. You can download the custom client here:

July 30th, 2016

- We finally have the server under a battery backup unit! Hopefully, that will mean that server outages caused by power failure will become a thing of the past. Which also means that rollbacks to characters and houses will also no longer occur.

August 22nd, 2015

- Players must now be Level 100 to purchase a house. This is to prevent one player from buying up the best houses in the game with low-level characters. Several houses of Level 8 characters have therefore been evicted, with the gold refunded to their bank accounts.

July 8th, 2015

- Added some custom weapons and armor to the game: gatekeeper shield, glyph shield, hat of time, arcane pendant, dark lord's brooch, jade amulet, amulet of the sand prince, floral brooch, frozen weight stone, champion's medallion, friendship necklace, spellbook of impending doom, golden spellscroll, save the queen.

- Added a new NPC, Clavical, which can be used by players to see if certain boss monsters spawned while they were offline. Saying the name of a creature to him will let you know if the monster exists on this plane or not. For example, if you wanted to know of Orshabaal spawned today and is still around, simply say "Orshabaal" to him. Clavical can be found on the top of the northwest tower of Edron Ivory Towers (the magic academy).

June 24th, 2015

- Added the gnome outfit, which can be bought via the !addon command. It costs 10 minor crystal tokens, 100 teleport crystals, 100 blank runes, and 50 brown pieces of cloth. Alternately, you can get this outfit for free from Gnomission if you have warzone access.

- Added an alternate method to get the monster (dwarf and elf) outfits. Instead of purchasing them via !addon, you can now receive them as an additional reward for completing the Royal Rescue quest. Simply ask Emperor Rehal for an outfit after you completed the quest.

- Increased the elemental damage of enchanted weapons, in most cases doubling them (with the amount being subtracted by the physical attack). For example, previously an enchanted spike sword had 20 physical attack and 4 elemental attack. Now, it has 16 physical attack and 8 elemental attack. This is an experimental change to make these weapons more useful.

June 17th, 2015

- Brave heroic players have slain Morgaroth and Ghazbaran, but now the third and final member of the Triangle of Terror is looking for revenge! Created the final Triangle of Terror member, Zoralurk, and a corresponding raid that causes him to appear. Good luck to all the brave heroes who try to take down this great demonic master!

- Added raids for several boss monsters that previously did not spawn in Zeal Online. This is the complete list: Warlord Ruzad, Smuggler Baron Silvertoe, Yaga the Crone, Xenia, Zarabustor, Rukor Zad, Munster, Grorlam, Grandfather Tridian, Foreman Kneebiter, Captain Jones, Teleskor, Big Boss Trolliver, Battlemaster Zunzu, Willi Wasp, Bibby Bloodbath, Hairman the Huge, High Templar Cobrass.

June 12th, 2015

- The server will completely reboot now during each server save. This means that the server will reboot clearing the map and raids daily now, rather than weekly. The server save time has also been changed, to midnight EST.

- Increased the rate that raids appear. We can do this thanks to the above change, since raids won't sit there for a long time now (always being cleared at the day's end).

- Increased the odds of skinning a monster with the Obsidian Knife / Blessed Wooden Stake successfully. The chance has been doubled in most cases. This change is being made to bring this in line with the x5 loot rate.

- Ammunition for crossbows and bows now use a break chance, as opposed to being 100% consumed each shot (like spears and other distance weapons). For weaker arrows and bolts, they break around 50% of the time. Stronger ammunition can last longer. In addition, the conjure arrow and bolt spells conjure 50% more ammunition than before. This change also is applied to the ice rapier, which only has a 25% chance of breaking now instead of always breaking on the first hit.

June 2nd, 2015

- Changed how buying houses from inactive players works. Removed the old !evict talkaction, and instead, players may buy the houses of inactive players (defined as not having logged in for a month) using !buyhouse, which will cost the normal price of the house. The money used to buy the house will go to the evicted player's bank balance.

- Greatly reduced the break chance for distance weapons, like spears and throwing stars. In most cases, the chance has been halved (and in some cases more).

May 27th, 2015

- Added a new !report talkaction to standardize bug reporting. From now on, if you encounter a bug, please type "!report [bug description]" in the chat. Please be as detailed as possible with the description, and be standing around where the bug occurred. Thank you!

- Added the ability to start from Level 1 with no vocation on Rookgaard. On the character creation page, simply select no vocation to do this. The starting city can be set to anything... upon logging in, it will change to Rookgaard.

- Added the elementalist outfit for the !addon command.

May 16th, 2015

- Added the blazebringer mount to the !mount command. The cost to own one is a trapped lightning, glass of goo, eye of the storm, sun mirror, and a black skull.

- Although the quest is still not implemented, the Isle of Evil is now accessible, and one can fight the monsters and bosses. Simply talk to the NPC Rapanaio in Kazordoon for passage.

April 27, 2015

- Added a new outfit, the monster outfit, the !addon command. For male characters, this will unlock the dwarf outfit. For female characters, this will unlock the elf outfit. Keep in mind you can change your character's sex using the !changesex command at any time. These outfits have no addons, and the cost is one of each of the dwarven and elven set (elven mail, elven legs, elvish bow, elven amulet, dwarven axe, dwarven shield, dwarven armor, dwarven legs, dwarven helmet, and dwarven ring).

- Added a new NPC, Helga, who will purchase all items normally only sellable to Rashid, the Djinns, Gnomission, or Ezrik without any quest required, but for half the price. This NPC is located in Venore and is designed to help new players be able to sell their loot.

- Added a new command called !evict, which enables players to evict inactive players from their houses. This costs 500,000 gold, and was added so players who have quit Zeal Online don't "hog" popular houses.

- Gnome Warzones can now be accessed without doing daily missions by buying access from the NPC Gnomission for 3 million gold. Players must still have completed the base Bigfoot Burden quest to purchase access to the warzones.
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