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Quest helper
If anyone needs a bit of help with a quest, feel f...
Investigator020721.07.19 10:52:55
by Investigator
Pits of Inferno sign up
I'm wanting to do Pits of Inferno sometime, and th...
Vierace336522.11.17 23:05:13
by Dark'shotter
Ice Islands Quest
I'm on mission 5 of ice islands where I collected ...
Vierace028808.11.17 17:08:03
by Vierace
assassin outfit
Vescu no me da assassin outfit, tengo que decir ot...
Ek'julia531313.10.17 21:55:41
by Zeal
HOTA Quest works
22:43 You see a helmet of the ancients (Arm:8). I...
Destruction131118.09.17 10:55:11
by Zeal
Foolish Quest Fully Operational
As a PSA to anyone who enjoys doing quests, thanks...
Gourmet026719.08.17 20:49:42
by Gourmet
Hi Zeal, What is the KW to donate 3 million to ...
Destruction231512.06.17 09:06:56
by Destruction
Children of the Revolution
Hi guys, Looking for 3 other people to join me ...
Destruction130417.05.17 09:20:36
by Somats
Isle of Stryfe Arena
I am in need of/available to be a partner for the ...
The Chuckening228401.04.17 12:50:40
by Dark'shotter
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm on a mission to...
Destruction440118.03.17 08:10:47
by Destruction
knight's sword forge
i have problem with the npc Morgan in meriana isla...
Black Fish933503.01.17 12:27:41
by Zeal
Secret service quest (CGB)
i have problem in mission 6, i ask mission to emma...
Zekrhom546528.12.16 17:59:46
by Zeal
Cave Draptor
Where are those located? I tried finding them ever...
Deepling332726.04.16 15:17:35
by Gafgarion
yalahar quest
hi i wondered if anyone could describe how difficu...
Mukarten436312.09.15 06:37:37
by Faithstar
Bibby Bloodbath
I've never done this quest, so I'm not sure if I j...
Taejang231211.09.15 19:02:24
by Taejang
The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest
I have a little problem , I could not fill the "bl...
Sexi Biscuit134302.09.15 20:53:55
by Altroid
We have Started getting a team together for PoI bu...
White Mage436227.08.15 15:39:42
by Romper
Isle of Evil
How do you start this quest? The dialog Rapanaio g...
Taejang430325.08.15 23:03:05
by Taejang
Svargrond Arena
does anyone know what the door at the end of the r...
Mukarten236313.08.15 15:28:53
by Mukarten
Help On PoI and Demon Oak
I would like to know if some people would be up to...
White Mage234813.07.15 14:08:58
by Gafgarion

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