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How to Play
by Zeal

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How to Play
1. Create an account on this site by clicking the "Join Tibia" button to the right. Make sure the account name is less than 8 characters (longer account names seem to not work sometimes).

2. Login on the website and create a character on the My Account page.

3. Download and extract the Zeal Online client*. It's a slight modification of the Tibia 10.41 client, with the IP configuration already made:

4. Extract the contents into a folder, and run "Zeal Online.exe". Login using the username and password you made here and play!

*Alternately, if you are familiar enough with OpenTibia, you can use the IP Changer with a Tibia 10.41 client to connect to

Newest Changes! (August 24th, 2019)

- Due to an exploit allowing players less than Level 100 to own a house via transfer, you can now use !buyhouse to buy a house from a player under Level 100, even if that player logged in at some point in the last 30 days. For this reason, if you have a house you don't want to lose currently owned by a character not at Level 100, you should transfer that house to a player at least Level 100 immediately.

In-game Commands

Type the following commands in the chat window.
!report bug description - Report an in-game bug to the Zeal Online staff. Please be as detailed as possible with the description, and be standing near where the bug occurred.
!buyhouse - Will buy a house that you are facing if you have the gold in your inventory. You must be Level 100 to buy a house. The house must either be unowned, or the owner must be inactive (has not logged in for a month). If unowned, you can see how much a house costs by "looking" at the door. If the house is owned and the owner is inactive, you can buy their house using this command for the normal price. The cost is added to the former owner's balance, and all items in the house are sent to the former owner's depot inbox.
!leavehouse - Will cause you to leave your current house, allowing you to purchase a different one. You will not be refunded.
!sellhouse player name - Allows you to sell your house deed to another player using the ingame safe trade system.
!changesex - Changes your character's sex.
!addon "outfit - Use this command without the parameter to see all outfits that can be purchased. This command will buy the outfit if all required items are in your inventory. If not, it will tell you the required items.
!mount "mount - Use this command without the parameter to see all mounts that can be purchased. This command will buy the mount if all required items are in your inventory. If not, it will tell you the required items.
!blessing - Automatically buys all blessings for 150,000 gold.
!exp - Lists how much experience you need for next level.
!mana - Lists how much mana you have to spend for next magic level.
!kills - Gives you a list of all of your unjustified kills.
!deathlist "player - Gives you the death list of a player.
!online - Lists all online players.
!uptime - Displays the amount of time passed since last server reboot. Usually this is the time since the last daily server save.

Need Help?

Basic controls:
Move your character using the arrow clicks or by left-clicking where you want to go. Right click on an object to see what one can do to this object. CTRL+click is a shortcut to use the object, ATL+click is a shortcut to attack, and SHIFT+click is a shortcut to look at it.

Tibia wiki:

If you have any other questions regarding gameplay, message Zeal, Gafgarion, or Doctor Doom ingame.

If you need to get in contact with the server owner for any reason, you can email me at
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Profession: Knight
Level: 71157

Posts: 169
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