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Differences between Zeal Online and Tibia
by Zeal

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Differences between Zeal Online and Tibia
The basic idea of Zeal Online has always been to provide Tibia in its entirety for free. However, we have felt over time that some things in Tibia can be improved and made better. While we feel that questing and the world of Tibia should be preserved, we have also made several additions and improvements. We will not however make major changes that violate the "spirit" of Tibia. This list will contain most of the differences you will experience on Zeal Online. I am sure I'm missing a few, I will update this list as they come to me.

- Increased EXP, skill, magic, and loot rates compared to normal Tibia. See "Server Info" page for exact rates.
- Slightly faster regen rates when eating compared to normal Tibia.
- Fishing doesn't require worms on Zeal Online, but the chances of catching fish are far increased with worms.
- Zeal Online is 100% free, and will stay that way. Players do not need to purchase a Premium Account to have access to all areas and features. Furthermore, we will never introduce any in-game advantage for donating money.
- Ability to start with a Level 8 character with one of the four vocations, as opposed to starting at Level 1 with no vocation.
- Several actions have been simplified using in-game commands. Type !commands in-game or see the front page on the site for a complete list.
- Zeal Online uses and is based on the 10.41 version of Tibia. Any content added after this update will not be included on Zeal Online (for now, at least).

- All items are obtainable on this server, usually as extremely rare drops from certain monsters. For example, dragon scale helmet, an item that does not drop in normal Tibia, is a very rare drop from dragon lords on Zeal Online.
- All health and mana potions restore slightly more health/mana than in normal Tibia. Mana and spirit potions are buffed slightly more than health potions, to compensate for the fact that Ultimate Mana and Ultimate Spirit potions don't exist in 10.41.
- Greatly reduced the break chance of distance weapons. Also, ammunition and ice rapier now use a break chance instead of always being expended (for example, an arrow only has a 50% chance of being lost on Zeal Online).
- Obsidian Knife and Blessed Wooden Stake success chance has been increased.
- Some monsters have had their loot table adjusted, adding some items.
- Made some minor balancing changes to some items, making them either slightly better or slightly worse (some of these were not equipment at all): ferumbras' hat, zaoan helmet, winged helmet, post officer's hat, necromancer shield, brotherhood shield, furious frock, crocodile boots, sandals, bunnyslippers, vampire slippers, wand of dimensions, rainbow shield, fiery rainbow shield, sparking rainbow shield, wolf tooth chain, magician hat, mystic turban, broken ring of ending, ring of ending, the holy Tible, star ring, bandana, crystal wand, santa hat, silkweaver bow, helmet of the ancients, and the pirate boss items.
- Added some custom equipment to the game: gatekeeper shield, glyph shield, hat of time, arcane pendant, dark lord's brooch, jade amulet, amulet of the sand prince, floral brooch, frozen weight stone, champion's medallion, friendship necklace, spellbook of impending doom, golden spellscroll, spellbook of flowing mana, save the queen, master fisherman's amulet, orc's jaw shredder, medusa helmet, frozen heart shield, dragon eye amulet, Chayenne's magical necklace.
- Converted some rare existing items into "trinkets", a new equipment type. They have relatively minor effects and are worn in the arrow slot: orshabaal's brain, terrifying heart, soul stone, dragon claw, roc feather, rabbit's foot.
- Increased the elemental damage of enchanted weapons.
- Increased the duration of soft boots, rainbow shield, firewalker boots.
- Can easily convert currency at any time. Simply use a stack of 100 coins to get 1 coin of the next tier (gold into platinum into crystal). You can also use one coin to get 100 coins of the lower tier.

- Added an NPC named Helga who has been added to Venore docks who buys all Rashid, djinn, Esrik, and Gnomission items with no quest required, but at half price.
- Added an NPC named Clavical at the top of the northwest tower in Edron Academy who can scry for monsters, seeing if they spawned during the current day (like Orshabaal, for example). Clavical can also perform a soulcharge for players, trading 1000 gold for 5 soul points.
- Added an NPC named Slavatorai Romanomanov north of Thais, who buys and sells various corpses (you should probably not look into why for your own sanity) and is involved in other salrious things.
- Added an NPC named Bobbert who can be found after ferrying to Roshamuul. For a fee of 50,000 gold, he can take you directly to the Roshamuul settlement safely. Please note, however, that he cannot help you for the return trip! He can also recharge stamina for you for a fee of 100,000 gold (more if you use his service a lot!).
- The NPC Yasir has been changed so that he appears more often. His chance to appear is 75% (at one of the three docks he can appear at), with a mere 25% chance he is currently at sea.
- Captain Bluebear has worked out a deal with Ferryman Kamil so that people can be ferried from Thais to Fibula (and back again) for 500 gold per trip.

Monsters & Raids
- Added a few custom monsters: Gnome, Cavalier, Swindlehand Sal, Poodle, Donkey, Cave Draptor.
- Added a few new raids, including some boss monsters: Zoralurk, Flare Knight Rikks, Flare Rival Vikks, Evil Slavatorai Romanomanov, Boneka, Bulma Bonecrusher, Alakanizzle, Xurkimuh, Death.
- Bonelords have been renamed to Beholders, as they were originally in Tibia. Elder Beholders become Beholder Bonelords.
- Forest Furys have been renamed to Centaurs, and Plaguesmiths have been renamed to Ogres. There is no real reason for this change, except I think the new names are better.
- Slightly edited a few monsters for balance reasons.
- Added some holy attacks to certain creatures. In real Tibia, only one monster used this damage type, making resistance or weakness to it pointless in PvE.

- You do not need to purchase spells in Zeal Online; all players receive all spells for their vocation by default.
You still need to meet the spell's level requirement in order to cast it, however.
- Added three new mana regen spells: orami, orami gran, and orami mas sio. The latter two are sorcerer exclusive spells, to help differentiate the calss from the druid. These spells give mana regen, similar to utura. To help make this spell not too abuseable, orami uses 1 soul point, while orami gran and orami mas sio uses 2 soul points.
- Added two new spells to mage classes: adori blank, and adori mas blank. The former creates one blank rune at the cost of some mana and a soul point, the latter creates 10.
- Added the exevo lux spell to knights of Level 10 or higher. It creates a torch for mana and soul. There is no real point to this other than for a knight to use his soul points.

Quests & Outfits
- Access to the warzones can be bought from Gnomission for 3 million gold, provided the base Bigfoot Burden quest is complete and the player has achieved the rank of Gnome Little Helper.
- Some quests that were not implemented or not working have been slightly changed. This includes Royal Rescue and the Blood Brothers quest.
- Added two new outfits, the gnome outfit and the monster outfit (which contains the NPC dwarf and elf). You can get these outfits by quest or by buying them with !addon.
- Most world changes are not functional here. For that reason, the Hive and the Deepling area are in a permanent Stage 3 (and Roshamuul is completely accessible). Boss monsters, like Jaul and Gaz'haragoth, are raids.
- Demon Oak does not require the 6666 demon task to be completed first. However, the difficulty of the quest has been greatly increased.
- Removed the requirement of needing at least four players for the Children of the Revolution quest. This should allow access to all areas of Zao to be done solo. The difficulty of the quest remains unchanged, though, so completing in solo may be significantly difficult.

- Rent is not required for houses, but a player may purchase a house from an inactive player who has not logged in for a month or greater.
- Guild halls count as regular houses here and can be bought by any player.
- Only players who are Level 100 or higher may buy a house.
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Huzzah! Thank you! There is a lot on this list I didn't know.

Don't forget the crowbar changes (for breaking things).
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